Welcome to my blog.

This is a place I use to write down things I don’t want to forget - I tend to add a new post every so often when I’ve been working on and solved a problem.

There’s no guarantee that my solution is the best, so please view this site as a reference for me. If you get something from it then that’s a bonus.

Who am I?

I’m a UK-based “Director of Tech” and I still like to keep my hand in development. I’m interested in a number of things, including:

  • software architecture
  • cloud-native patterns and development
  • go
  • .net core
  • kubernetes
  • micro services
  • performance

This site

This site is built using Hugo and uses the awesome Hello Friend theme by Panr.

I host using Netlify and the source code and CI/CD is managed in Azure DevOps.

I have a github account as well, and I tend to use that for sample code to go along with the posts in this blog.